Do you ever wonder?

How stupid we are for taking things for granted then regret it afterwards? Why do we always have to wait for something negative to happen before we actually start showing that we do care. We got used to saying the word SORRY that we made it the back-up-option if ever things dont work out the way we thought it would instead of making things right before it actually starts falling apart. We dont have to regret anything. 


10 thoughts on “Do you ever wonder?

              1. Writing and reading my ass off. Trying to give good content, a variety of content. Include multimedia, be there for my readers as much as possible. Comment instead of just clicking like–but it’s getting nearly impossible. I have written over 750 posts in 4 months, that helps. Also, use the right Tags for posts so they appear in relevant searches in the reader. I write the truth, speak the truth, and try to just bleed on the page. Broken souls like to find other broken (or healing) souls. I hope that helps!

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                  1. I am so glad it did. Feel free to contact me any time. I try to read as many folks as I can, but I hope you understand it might not be a regular thing. Juggling this many folks is kinda a lot of work lol. Be careful what you wish for! Go for broke with your writing. And they will come. Write about crap that is of no interest but to a niche audience, and that’s what you will get. Write On!

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