Is it that bad to be happy?

It’s really bugging me. Why is it that when we are extremely happy we already assume that something bad is going to happen next. As if you can’t be too happy ’cause the world forbids it and will immediately send something bad right back at you to lessen your happiness. Weird.


A good morning

Imagine you are watching the sunrise with your partner beside you. The wind is a tad cooler that you expected which makes you more than grateful that someone close to your heart is with you. The cool breeze hugs you and sends goosebumps all over your body, thankful that you both decided to make coffee before enjoying the view. Everything seems perfect. Everything is so surreal. At that moment you were finally happy.
But then you woke up in a cold sweat. Alone. In a dark room.

Do you ever wonder?

How stupid we are for taking things for granted then regret it afterwards? Why do we always have to wait for something negative to happen before we actually start showing that we do care. We got used to saying the word SORRY that we made it the back-up-option if ever things dont work out the way we thought it would instead of making things right before it actually starts falling apart. We dont have to regret anything.