Excerpt of a story I’ll never finish #2

I remember when we used to smile at each other from across the room like we were seeing each other in a new light. 

Your smile covered my heart with warmth and your touch sent shivers down my spine. Not a bad one though.

It’s too late now for anything more to be said. We aren’t what we used to be.


Excerpt of a story I’ll never finish #1

“I wonder If I’ve forgiven you for your wrongs because you are my bestfriend and I’m over it or because I am doing just the same thing to another person and try to make my mistakes seem an okay thing to do”


 Nothing’s more precious than someone knowing the real you. That there’s someone who knows you better than you know yourself.  That whether you hide it or not you’ll always be transparent once he lays eye on you.  

It’s nerve-racking just to know that you’re vulnerable to someone who can possibly hurt you and leave memories that’ll give you painful flashbacks but trusts him well enough not to do any of that.  After all, we’re never really living unless we take risks.